Plastic bags can be very useful during your travel. However, it is important to not carelessly throw them in inappropriate places. Travel bags can be used for various purpose to make your travel easier. Hence, you can throw various plastic bags in various size in your suitcase. They are cheap, reusable, and waterproof. Therefore, there are many things you can do with them during your trip. 

plastic bag

How to use plastic bags cleverly during a trip

Plastic bags are known to be bad for environment and one of the things you can do to minimize its waste is by reusing them for various purpose instead of just throwing them after one use. Therefore, collect plastics and don’t throw them away immediately.  

If you travel during rainy season, plastic bag can be your life save on the road. You can use it to keep your phone from getting wet. You can put your phone or any digital devices into the plastic bags before putting them in your pocket. This way, you can still access your phone without fearing of getting it wet from the sudden rain. Do not throw the plastic after use. You can dry it in your hotel room so you can reuse it later. 

Plastic bags can be used to separate wet and dirty items from the clean and dry ones. For example, your bathing suit is wet after a swim and you don’t want it to wet other items in your bag. Hence, you can put it inside a plastic bag before storing it into your bag. It is even better if you bring a large zip-top plastic bag since it won’t leak. You can always use it to put your dirty laundry during travel.

Plastic bag can also be used to keep your travel documents safe. Of course, you can always rely on travel document organizer but if you don’t have it, you can sue plastic bag instead. This way, you can safely put your travel documents inside the plastic bag and you won’t have to worry of them getting wet when unexpected rain pours. 

If you don’t have compression storage bags, you can use plastic bags to compress your clothes for light travel pack instead. Putting your clothes inside plastic bag can help press all the air out, which make your clothes more fit into your suitcase. It gives more space as well inside your suitcase so you can put more your travel essentials. 

You can also use plastic bag to clean after your pets if you bring them for the trip. Your furry travel buddy has their own needs during the trip. However, you cannot just let them do it without cleaning up after because you are responsible parent and traveler. Hence, use plastic bag to clean up after your furry travel buddy to keep the environment clean. You can also pit your own creativity to use plastic bags to make your trip easier without endangering the environment.