There are many beautiful countries in Asia worth visiting for and one of them is Indonesia. It is located in Southeast Asia and has many beautiful places to explore. There might be people who are unfamiliar with Indonesia as a country but they will know Bali right away. However, Bali is just one of so many other beautiful places to spot on. 

indonesian's culture - balinese ceremony

Why you should visit Indonesia

You can save Indonesia in your bucket list for your future travel plan as we know travelling abroad right now has high risk of covid-19 spread. While waiting for the situation to get better, here are things you can learn more about Indonesia and why it is worth visiting for:

Indonesia is one of the most diverse culture countries in the world. There are different regions, province, district you can explore during your visit. Different place has different culture that can make you feel awed. The best thing is that the people are just as friendly regardless of their cultural background. The majority of Indonesian are friendly with foreign visitors and travelers alike. 

Along with diverse culture, Indonesia also has such diverse culinary. There are many Indonesian cuisines that are crowned to be one of the most delicious in the world such as Rendang, Satay, Nasi Goreng, and Sambal. Not to mention that Indonesia also has the most expensive coffee name Kopi Luwak. Indonesia is like a paradise for foodies. There is no chance to lose out of options of what to eat during your stay. 

Indonesia also has many exotic places to explore from beaches to mountains. If you love outdoor a lot, you can go to almost any region in Indonesia to indulge yourself with fun activities such as hiking, climbing, trekking, paragliding, snorkeling, diving, surfing, and many more. There are many islands scattered around Indonesia. If you love more relaxed vacation, you can go shopping spree in Jogja or Bandung. The price is relatively affordable for high quality products. 

Indonesia also has many types of ‘one of a kind’ things. For example, only in Indonesia will you find Komodo dragona. They are one of the most ancient creatures to live on earth. You won’t find them in any other places but in Komodo Island in Indonesia. This creature is dangerous and deathly. You cannot just approach and pet them or you will lose your hand. Komodo dragons have poisonous saliva and powerful tail. They are true predator that you can’t see them without the local professionals who know how to handle them. 

Another reason why Indonesia a favorite place for travelling is because it is very affordable. Every type of travelers can come visit Indonesia without worrying too much about the expense. Many backpackers also love Indonesia for this reason. There are many affordable accommodation to stay in during your visit. The foods are also cheap especially when you buy it from local restaurants or street stalls. Transportation is varied and you can also opt for more affordable mode.