One of the attractions of tourists visiting Labuan Bajo is a charming underwater spot. They call it a paradise for nature lovers. Beaches with unique sand colors, a variety of fish, and colorful coral reefs are the best spots for underwater photographers. Snorkeling spots on Komodo are no less interesting.

In fact, Komodo Island is not only famous for its rare reptiles but also for its underwater world. Komodo snorkeling is the best choice for tourists who are not certified as divers but can still enjoy the underwater charm.


Kanawa Island, KOMODO spot SNORKELING Favorite

Kanawa Island is in the middle of the waters on Komodo Island. It is 15 kilometers from Labuan Bajo with beautiful natural coastal views. This small island is surrounded by coral reefs. This island has a very natural ecosystem with various kinds of marine life. The depth is shallow enough for tourists to snorkel.

Some of the activities that you can do besides snorkeling on the Kawana island:

  • Saw the sharks from the dock
  • Diving
  • Sunset
  • Hunting milky way


International media have placed Batu Bolong Reef as one of the best Komodo snorkeling spots in the world. This proves that Batu Bolong Reef has become one of the snorkeling and diving spots that you must visit when visiting East Nusa Tenggara. The underwater species at Batu Bolong Reef are very unique and you cannot enjoy them anywhere else. If you don’t have a diving certificate, don’t try to do it as the currents are always changing and strong.

Taka Makassar

Taka Makassar

Taka Makassar Island has a size that is not wide but has a structure in the form of a stretch of white sand interspersed with thick weeds. Uniquely, this island appears at low tide. Considering that the waters around Taka Makassar Island are quite swift, make sure you snorkel with a guide.


Manta Point 

You should not miss this Komodo snorkeling spot. This spot is the residence of manta rays with various coral reefs and a variety of cute little fish. You can snorkel with satisfaction and enjoy swimming with manta rays around this area.

Tatawa Besar

In Tatawa Besar, you can also find manta rays. Rows of orange coral reefs are ready to welcome you. Some of the other fish you can find such as angelfish, cuttlefish, sweet lip, and eagle ray. You can also meet adorable hawksbill turtles. This Komodo snorkeling spot is quite safe because it has calmer ocean currents. Of course, it will be very safe if you do snorkeling in Tatawa Besar