Travelling is often unpredictable in many ways. It is highly recommended to pack light but you still need some essentials for smooth travel. Some people choose high tech gadgets to company their trip. There is nothing wrong with that and you can do it too if you want. However, you don’t have to rely on those high-tech items either because without them, you can still enjoy your trip with ease. You can even go for non-high tech items to help you throughout the trip. 

Simple items you probably need for smooth travel in the future

There are basic items you are going to need for smooth travel such as clothes, gadgets, toiletries, documents, and some snacks. And these simple items are probably forgotten most of them time but they are very useful for your trip. What are those?

Kid kit

If you plan for a future travel with your kids, prepare kid kit that contains various items to keep your kids busy and entertained during travel. Kid kit usually consists of supply of things kids love such as puzzles, colored pencils, paper, and various travel-sized games to keep them happy. Make sure that the kid kit you bring contain items safe for kids use. Do not use items made with toxic materials. 

Swiss Army Knife


Swiss Army Knife is very useful for a trip especially when you plan for vigorous outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, trekking, etc. This pocket-sized knife can be used for various purposes. What about travel rule that ban travelers to carry knife? Well,you don’t have to carry the knife. There are some brands of Swiss Army Knife that gives you direct access to a bottle opener, a screwdriver, tweezers, a key ring, a toothpick, and a scissor. All in one handy device you can carry without taking too much space or weight. 


Organizer can be your life safer for a trip especially if you often forget things easily or misplace items carelessly. Organization system help you keep everything in place. Hence, you know where to find when you need something. You don’t have to dig in your bag haphazardly because everything is organized in one place. It can be used to store your electronic devices, cords, travel games, ear plugs, etc. Or, you can also use organizer to keep your skin care products safe. 

Lacrosse ball

You probably need to pack lacrosse ball as well. It is truly a miracle for travelers who are more prone to fatigue or muscle pain. Travel often strain your body causing many different kinds of pain. With this ball, you can pinpoint it to your tender muscles and massage them away for few minutes. The size just fits right to dig into problematic areas of your body. It is tough but not sharp, giving the right pressure to ease the pain away. Also, the size doesn’t take up space for you to store it inside your carry on bag. No need to take medicine to keep your body light and comfortable when you have this ball.