Bali might be known for its heart-stealing beaches, excellent breaks and surfing waves, and wonderful natural scenery in all over the island. More travellers fly to Bali in search for both blissful relaxation or instagram-perfect shots. Staying at beach resorts is just an obviously perfect choice (who doesn’t love waking up to the ocean and being pampered in luxury?). But when you stay at this resort, you won’t only experiencing a luxurious coastal living; you will also have the chance to experience the true Bali through its captivating cultural heritage. Here are four cultural activities you can do at the Nusa Dua beach resort. 

Don the Balinese Traditional Clothes in This Nusa Dua Beach Resort

Four Cultural Things to Try in Nusa Dua Beach Resort

Have you ever seen beautiful ladies of Balinese looking so graceful in their pretty traditional clothes? Experience how it feel being a true Balinese through their traditional clothing. The women dress in white or brightly colored kebayas with a batik kamben, which is similar to a sarong, a sash tied around their waist, and flowers in their hair. White shirts, batik or songket kamben, and a saput overlay are worn by the men. It has a decorative border, which is typically white or patterned, as well as a sash and the Udeng, a traditional headdress.

Learn How to Make Canang Sari

You will notice many Canang Sari literally everywhere during your visit to Bali. These are floral spiritual offerings in a small coconut leaf basket that adorn Bali’s temples, sidewalks, home entrances, and any other location considered sacred by the Balinese people. Some can also be found on trees and sculptures. You can learn how to make a Balinese canang sari at Nusa Dua beach resort and what the various offerings mean.

The Hindu Balinese send the Canang Sari to the Gods every day as a way of thanking them for the balance and prosperity in our universe, which is renewed every day. The small offerings are the product of a lengthy handcrafted method in which women make the basket, assemble the donations in a meaningful arrangement, and sprinkle the canang with a jepun flower dipped in holy water in a symbolic fusion of the four elements. As smoke from burning incense brings the meaning of the offering to the Gods, the ritual concludes with a short prayer.

Participate in Melukat Ceremony 

Participate in Melukat Ceremony

Melukat, a purification ritual that purifies the body and mind, is said to dispel evil omens and ward off sickness and bad luck. The rite starts on the private beach, where guests are greeted by a Balinese priest dressed in traditional garb who guides them through the experience. The Melukat Purifying Ceremony of Nusa Dua beach resort takes place on the resort’s private temple and is a ritual to cleanse the body and soul, banish evil spirits, and bring good fortune. A Balinese priest guides guests through the experience, who are dressed in traditional attire.

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Join Balinese Cooking Class Hold by Nusa Dua Beach Resort

You cannot say you have truly visited Bali without getting a taste of the local food. One way to experience a culture is through food, especially in a place that’s famous of their belt-loosening cuisine. There’s more of Bali than Nasi Goreng and Mie Goreng (which fame made its way to tourists’ t-shirts), and one way to bring the best of it is by indulging on a cooking class. In this resort, the talented chef will introduce you to basics of Balinese cuisine. You will try to create easy-to-cook Pandan roll pancake with coconut filling, Gado Gado which is Indonesian take of salad with peanut sauce, satay sticks, and many other local delicacies. Definitely sign up for this on your stay at the resort!