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Travel Destinations to See Amazingly Beautiful Trees and Forests


Not many people put much attention to trees. It might be due to trees being so familiar and common. We can see various trees around our neighborhood. However, there are several destinations where you get to see unusual trees with their own unique features that make them look even more beautiful to appreciate. Unique trees and plants are spread around the world but not many people are interested enough to find out. 

Finding destinations with the most beautiful and unique trees and forest

Trees and everything the forest has inside have their own stories since they have been living for so long that sometimes even longer than human do. Trees are often visualized or referred to wisdom and intelligence. In some cultures, trees are seen as something sacred and holy. So here are most recommended travel destinations where you get to see amazing trees and forests:

Bamboo forest, Japan

Bamboo is a plant and is not technically a tree according to its biological nature. It is in fact grass but it is hard to see it as one because of its features. It has shaft and long, narrow leaves spurting from it. When you get inside a forest with bamboos, there is a sense of serenity and mystery. One of the most beautiful travel destinations to find bamboo is Bamboo Forest which is located in Japan. It is situated near Kyoto and not hard to find. It is one of the most famous bamboo forest in Japan. 

Dragon’s Blood Trees, Socotra Island

Such a unique name for a tree, this is one of the most interesting object to see during your visit to Socotra Island situated on the Yemeni archipelago. The name of the tree comes from the red sap it produces. This unique flora has been growing undisturbed due to the island’s separation from the mainland about 20 million years ago. There are 37 percent of plant species that are only found in this island, not anywhere else in the world. 

Rainbow Eucalyptus, Indonesia

Rainbow Eucalyptus can be found in the rainforests in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines. The thing that makes this tree look unique is the bright coloration on the tree’s bark. It peels off to show beautiful shades of orange, purple, pink, and green. The colors are pretty and might remind you of rainbow with how contrast they are to the color around them. 

Wisteria Tunnel, Japan

Again, Japan is home to such beautiful flora. Wisteria itself is a type of flowering vine that can be adjusted into beautiful shapes. In Japan, there is Wisteria Festival called Fuji Matsuri in late April or early May. It is where you get to see the 330-foot-long wisteria tunnels of Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Kitakyushu. You also get to see the infamous wisteria tree of Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi in Honshu. In these places, you will be presented with colorful and beautiful spectacle blooming  from nature. You can put this in your bucket list for your next travel plan. 

Why A Digital Detox Getaway in A Private Villa is Perfect for You

Why A Digital Detox Getaway in A Private Villa is Perfect for You

Do you feel tired with all the fast-paced information on the internet and getting bombarded with people’s lives and updates in your social media? Feel the dread whenever you open emails or even hearing to work chat notification ringtone? You might need a digital detox. Probably in a secluded private villa in Seminyak, Bali, where you can enjoy bright summer days and walk to the beach for sunset.

How A Digital Detox Vacation in Seminyak Villas Helps Your Well-Being

The idea of going on a digital detox trip is becoming increasingly popular as detaching from it all has become more important than ever. Given that we live in an increasingly high-wired, hyper-connected society, it’s no surprise that visitors crave an off-the-grid escape. People, especially on vacation, are looking for methods to disconnect from their personal devices. This is time to put your focus back on yourself and what truly matter before your eyes. You can also take a digital detox holiday with your loved ones or your family—and use this opportunity to really talk and connect with them in real-life level. Because all this time, all of you might just coexist in the house, glued to each own device, without really talking to each other!

So, how’s a few days device-free getaway to a private villa in Seminyak help you out?

A Relaxing Time to Release All the Burn Out

A Relaxing Time to Release All the Burn Out

Work often uses technology around vacation—but it’s actually taking away many of your precious time. Not only that, but if you spend your working week hammering your devices, you may find yourself frazzled and in need of some much-needed R&R during your vacation. Stress can cause a variety of health problems, and a vacation is the ideal time to correct that imbalance and unwind. Find a private vacation house in Seminyak, Bali, with swimming pool and possibly a garden. Spend days in the pool, swimming your stress away, and enjoy some tea later in the garden! This will keep you happy and forget the phone for hours. 

Allow You to Live in the Moment

Are you always planning or reacting on the internet? What about the present moment? You are securely in the present if you are not thinking ahead or ruminating about previous emails. Relaxing into a vacation means being present and open to each new, thrilling experience.

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Really Talk to Your Partner and Family

Really Talk to Your Partner and Family

It’s funny how communication equipment can lead to individuals sitting together not speaking and only half listening. And you might not realise that all this time! When you’re taking a digital detox break in the private Seminyak villas, it’s time to have a real discussion with a real person without any digital interruptions.

Quality Time to Spend with Partner and Family in the Seminyak Private Villa Bali

Making “just one fast phone” or “just one quick email” can keep you from getting into the vacation spirit with your fellow travelers. Giving your time to others entirely is satisfying, and taking a luxury vacation allows you to do just that.

A Time Off from Phone Encourage You to be Active

A Time Off from Phone Encourage You to be Active

The time you usually spend glued to a screen could now be spent staying in shape. At the very least, you can be more encouraged to get out and about and doing something more engaging. Take a walk around Seminyak in the morning. Join a morning yoga class. Make healthy breakfast or try that brunch in nearby cafe. Swim a few laps. Book an excursion to Ubud. Walk to the beach for sunset and enjoy the golden hours. There are so many things to do!

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Finally, A Time to Read A Book

When was the last time you read a paperback? You might browse all the time, but you might never read a book these last few years. Have you forgotten how relaxing it is to pass the time on vacation reading a good book by the pool? Bring your favourite book, find your favourite spot in the Seminyak private villa Bali, and dive nose down to the story. It doesn’t have to be a ‘heavy’, adult book. Some light fantasy novels or even comic books are just fine!

No More Inter-Device Multitasking

Switching from your smartphone to tablet to computer, not to mention all the apps in between, puts a burden on your concentration and can cause brain fog. Break the electrical chain to boost productivity and creativity. 

New Years Traditions In Philippines That make You Want To Visit

New Year’s Eve is on the way and it is a kind of celebration that almost everyone like no matter what country they are living in. We celebrate the beginning of the new year with so many fun activities. It might be different from one country to another but the spirit remains the same. It is the start the new year with joyful spirit to hopefully make us feel motivated to welcome new chapter in our lives. 

Unique New Year’s Eve celebration in Philippines

In Philippines, they have their own to celebrate new year. They even started it from September so when the New Year’s Eve comes, the celebration is already on a full swing. Here are how they make their version of joyful celebration to welcome new year:

Wearing polka dots

This is such a unique way to celebrate new year. However, people in the Philippines has been doing this from a long time a go. They wear polka dots because the round shapes they believe will bring wealth and prosperity. Also, they fill their pockets of polka dot cloth with circular coins. Not to mention that they eat 12 types of round fruits during this period of celebration. Fruits with pointy spikes or thorns are mostly avoided because they are believed to bring nasty obstacles in their lives. 

Eat sticky rice to strengthen the bonds

During new year’s celebration, people in the Philippines also have a tradition to eat sticky rice cake. The philosophy of it is that sticky rice will strengthen the bonds of relationships. Sticky rice dishes the people in Philippines like to enjoy during this festive moods include Bibingka and Biko. They also believe that eating sticky rice brings good fortune that will stick with them all year. 

Make big fireworks

This is probably one of the most common things to do to celebrate New Year’s Eve almost in every corner of the world. In the Philippines, they have tradition to make fireworks as big as possible. The bigger the fireworks and firecrackers, the louder the sounds. They believe that the loud sound will scare away evil spirit and mischievous goblins that tend to bring bad luck. People are also encourage to make noises as loud as possible by honking their cars, shouting out loud, or even slapping pans and pots. 

Clear debts

People in the Philippines also has another unique tradition to welcome new year which is by clearing all their debt, if possible. By the time the clock strike midnight, they have to clear their debt because they believe unpaid debt will bring lumbered financial situation all year. Also, they are encourage to stuff as much money as possible into their pockets and wallets. It is seen as an invitation to wealth and prosperity. However, they are discouraged to spend any money on the first day of the new year. it is seen as financial management to prevent poor financial status for the following year, they believe.

When The Best Diving Condition In Komodo National Park?

Diving Komodo means allowing you to meet many interesting and unique species such as the Manta Ray. It’s a dream come true to be able to dive around Komodo Island! Your dives will be outstanding thanks to the vast fish diversity, magnificent and unspoilt coral reefs, and large fish hunting at each dive location. 


Types of Diving Komodo Sites

Komodo has a diverse assortment of diving opportunities. On current dives, moderate drift dives, colorful walls, colossal rocks, caves, and swim-throughs, colorful reefs, seamounts and pinnacles, black and white sand slopes, and muck dives. 

Diverse sorts of weather and terrain attract different species of marine life. Th results in ecosystems that are unique to each location.

Because the Manta Season is approaching, diving on Komodo Island during the monsoon is really exciting. Manta Point Komodo is a diving spot with abundant bottom-based plankton. Attracts a large number of manta rays for feeding and cleaning.

The property is located right on the waterway that connects the Indian and southwest Pacific oceans. Each has its own underwater climate, which comes together to provide excellent habitat for Manta Rays.

Gentle and powerful drift dives, gentler reef dives, clinging on to rocks in strong currents, sheltering in the protected side of pinnacles, and muck dives are among the diving techniques. Divers who want easier diving can enjoy the stronger currents, while those who prefer easier diving can enjoy a more relaxing time.

How to choose dive site Komodo

Dive in Komodo National Park, which is both fascinating and demanding at times. Please only dive with an experienced and competent dive operator and only with guides who are familiar with the dive locations in this area. Check sure the dive sites you visit are appropriate for your level of experience. Ensure that the dive site is appropriate and safe.

Currents in Komodo National Park

Currents impact the majority of diving Komodo sites. The powerful tidal flow that runs north and south through the park is another feature that contributes to its uniqueness. The high flows, paired with nutrient-rich water from up-wellings, function similarly to marine hydroponics, bringing in new food to the filter feeders and plankton feeders, such as corals, tiny fish, and mantas!

Every 24 hours, Komodo National Park experiences two high tides and two low tides. The current intensity varies throughout the day. The current’s strength varies during the month in accordance with the lunar cycle, and it can also vary throughout the year due to spring and neap tides. New and full moons are naturally connected with stronger currents. If you are new to diving or like less currents, we recommend scheduling your dives around the quarter moon phase.

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5 Most Recommended Dive Sites to Visit in Tulamben, Bali!

Tulamben, a quiet small village in up in the east coast of Bali might not be as famous as Kuta, Seminyak, or Canggu in the north. Nevertheless, this little village is bustling with curious travelers from all around the world! They are not looking for beach parties or touristy shops but one: the lively underwater life underneath Tulamben’s calm ocean. So if it’s your first time visiting the Tulamben Bali for diving, put these five sites in your list to see the best of Bali’s marine life!

Exploring the Wreck: The USAT Liberty Wreck

Exploring the Wreck: The USAT Liberty Wreck
Image credit: Instagram/@gianfictoria

Tulamben diving must include the Liberty! Tulamben’s USAT Liberty wreck is regarded as one of the top wreck dives in the world. The wreck is 120 meters long and starts at 3 meters, and it reaches a depth of 30 meters. The mystery wreck has a fascinating history and is a must-see attraction in Bali.

This incredible diving site is home to over 400 different reef fish species and is covered in beautiful coral. Schools of trevally, bream, fusilier, and anthias swarm the wreck, often following you on your dive.

Reef Diving: The Tulamben Drop Off

Reef Diving: The Tulamben Drop Off
Image credit: Instagram/@cendikiani

The Tulamben Wreck lies only a few hundred meters east of the Drop-off. It may not be as well-known as the US Liberty, but it is a landmark wall that offers some of Bali’s best diving.

The Drop Off is a great multi-level dive that can be done at various levels depending on your experience. This reef has an incredible scenery formed by several overhanging rocks, in addition to outstanding coral development.

It’s exciting to dive the Drop Off in Tulamben, Bali. Smaller reef fish are plentiful, with angelfish being one of the most notable species. Apart from emperor angelfish, other angelfish species include yellow-faced angelfish and blue-banded angelfish, with the duke fish completing out the angelfish family.

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Diving in Tulamben Coral Garden

Diving in Tulamben Coral Garden
Image credit: Instagram/@sunu_and_wulan

The Garden begins at a depth of 2-15 m and is lushly planted with both hard and soft coral. The gorgeous blue-yellow ribbon moray eel, in addition to other kinds of reef fish, has made its home here.

With no to moderate current, this dive location is also a great snorkeling spot. You may expect to witness all of the features and marine life that a healthy reef has to offer. Squid and cuttlefish are only two of the tens of thousands of creatures that can be found here. In the shallows, small white tip reef sharks are frequently seen.

Batu Ringgit

Diving in Batu Ringgit Tulamben
Image credit: Instagram/@yudaarsana99

Among other diving sites in Tulamben Bali, not many know is Batu Ringgit. The graded ridges of reef start at 3m and fall to roughly 40m, making for an interesting and varied diving location. A small cave 5-6 meters deep can be found around the 14-meter mark.

Sponge, soft corals, tubestrea, anemones, feather stars, and gorgonian fan corals cover the cave walls, which are home to a variety of cave fish. You can work your way through the steps, learning about the different ecosystems and marine life.

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Best Places for Snorkeling in Nusa Penida

Diving with Shark in Shark Point

Diving with Shark in Shark Point

If you want to dive with shark, then you need to put Shark Point in your itinerary list. The Shark Point is accessible via snorkeling near the Drop Off, and you can combine both during the scuba diving trip in the Tulamben Bali. White tip and black tip reef sharks are the most prevalent residents, and they prefer to rest in sandy areas at depths of 20 to 30 meters. When currents are present, grey reef sharks and even hammerhead sharks will occasionally circle out in the open.

The current can get extremely strong here, and cold water can bubble up and form thermoclines. Thermoclines can drop the temperature of the water to 24 degrees for a brief time.

nusa penida snorkeling With Manta Rays

One of the most incredible experiences you may have while traveling in Indonesia is Nusa Penida snorkeling and meet the Manta Rays. If you are already in Penida or Lembongan, you can book a tour for about $25 USD. To book a tour from Nusa Penida, go to Crystal Bay and look for a vendor, as that is where you will depart from. To arrange a tour on Lembongan, walk down the main street and you’ll discover a slew of tour agencies all selling the same tour for roughly the same price.


Nusa Penida Snorkeling From Bali

You may arrange a Manta Ray Nusa Penida Snorkeling excursion that will pick you up from your hotel in Bali whether you are staying in Canggu, Kuta, or Seminyak. You will then board a swift boat to Nusa Penida, which will take less than 25 minutes, and you will be in the sea with the Giant Manta Rays before you know it. On top of the Manta Point snorkel, the tour includes lunch and other snorkeling places as well as a few beaches. It also covers lunch and all transportation for the duration of the day.

Snorkeling in Nusa Penida From Nusa Lembongan

If you are already on Nusa Penida or Nusa Lembongan, you can book a tour for around $20 USD. To book a tour from Nusa Penida, go to Crystal Bay and look for a vendor, as there is where you will depart from. To arrange a tour on Lembongan, walk down the main street and you’ll discover a slew of tour agencies all selling the same tour for roughly the same price.

Snorkeling in Nusa Penida From Nusa Lembongan

Both the Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan tours were quite relaxed and enjoyable. The gorgeous beach of Nusa Penida is only 20 minutes away from Manta Point. The captain will assist you in spotting any Manta Rays before you even have your snorkel ready.

Private snorkeling in Nusa Penida to observe the spectacular Manta Rays is an amazing experience. You may calmly swim around them and capture fantastic underwater shots with them. This friendly fish, which can grow up to 6 meters in length, swims like it’s flying underwater. To get a private tour, you can rent a cruise and enjoy your private sailing with your group or family. Liveaboard provides a unique and memorable holiday experience and saves you time to reach the best Nusa Penida snorkeling spots.

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What To Wear For Safe And Comfortable Travel

Dress comfortable for safe travel

When it comes to travelling abroad, the very first thing that should be in your priority is your safety. Of course, it is important as well to stay true to yourself and be comfortable no matter where you are. However, keep in mind that different place may hold different culture, religious beliefs, or customs you should respect as you are the guest. Hence, it affects how you should dress during travel. Two important things you need to keep in mind in deciding what to wear are safety and comfort. 

Dress comfortable for safe travel

The majority of seasoned travelers love looking casual where they can also blend with the locals. They don’t really like it when they stick out like a sore thumb because it brings unnecessary attention. And keep in mind that it is not always good attention you receive while travelling to unfamiliar places. Hence, it is essential to know what to wear to stay comfortable and safe during travel.

Avoid too revealing clothes

Regardless if your destination is strict with the way visitors dress or not, it is more recommended to choose modest clothing. It is safer for you to pack and wear clothes that can cover up appropriately. This way, you don’t really have to constantly worry whether or not you will offend the locals or put yourself in jeopardy by wearing certain clothes. Some places such as churches in Europe and religious sites in Asia tend to have strict dress code. Pants and long skirts are a safe bet. If you are unsure, bring a shawl or sweater in your bag just in case. 

Avoid wearing too many jewelries

What To Wear For Safe And Comfortable Travel

Flashy jewelries look beautiful to wear especially when you want to take fabulous pictures of yourself during travel. However, your jewelries can put your safety in jeopardy because they bring unwanted attention especially for people with bad intention that target tourists. If you have pricey valuable, it is more recommended to leave them at home. 

Avoid wearing impractical items

Wearing impractical shoes or pants can put you in major discomfort during travel, especially when your itinerary involves walking for hours. Hence, always wear and pack comfortable shoes that give your foot good support. Also, it is recommended to not wear jeans for travel because they don’t breathe well and take long time to dry out. Tight jeans might not be good for your blood circulation during a flight as well. Hiking pants and sweatpants are good options for travel. 

Excessive technology

It is recommended that you pack devices you really need. There is no need to pack all your tech accessories for your trip. Aside from higher risk of losing or have them stolen, large tech accessories might just put yourself and others in uncomfortable situation. If you want to take great picture with your professional camera, make sure to keep your other gadgets such as phone or stored safely inside your bag. Also, be careful when taking selfies or poses in dangerous locations. Always pay attention to signs and warnings. 

Want A Change of Scenery? Spend A Week of Peace in Villa Ubud Bali

Want A Change of Scenery? Spend A Week of Peace in Villa Ubud Bali

What comes up to your mind when you are thinking about Bali? Most would think about the beaches, the waves, and the sun-tanning. How many of you think about seeking refugee to the mountains? Think about the Ubud. This upland town is best known for being the cultural capital of the island and centre of arts as well as holistic, nature-inspired healings. Ubud is well-known for its stunning natural scenery and rich cultural heritage, but it has so much more to offer visitors. The whole location has a calming, even magical vibe about it that draws you in. Ubud is a popular tourist destination, especially in the center of town. So, while you are in Bali, take a week off the beach, head up to the highlands, and have some peaceful time in a villa Ubud! 

Have A Home Spa Inside Your Villa Ubud

Have A Home Spa Inside Your Villa Ubud

Away from hustles and bustles of the beach towns, it’s time to be thankful of your body and pamper yourself. And what’s better than having a home spa to complete your relaxing time in the villa Ubud Bali? 

Ubud’s luxurious spas provide a complete range of services, including ayurveda massages, body cleanses, and traditional medicinal methods like flower baths. Ancient Balinese medicines promise to provide you with the best possible degree of relaxation and healing. Imagine having a room that opens to Ubud’s lush jungle view and absorbing the scene while getting your foot massaged. What a dream. 

Slow Down and Enjoy the Present

If you’re planning a trip to Bali, make sure you stay at a nice private villa Ubud for at least a few days. There’s something about seeking a complete solitude in a house near the highlands. Ubud village is a popular tourist destination, but a mere day trip there won’t do it justice. Staying in Ubud forces you to take your time and see things from a new perspective. Early morning and evening is the best time to stroll around the village, visiting rice fields and temples. The beautiful surrounding of Ubud will give you the peace you need. 

Ubud is brimming with restaurants, yoga studios, spas, and retail establishments. You’ll see temples and marketplaces on your journey. It might be still crowded, touristy, and congested—but soon, you’ll forget about it.

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Look for A Villa Near Tegalalang Rice Field

Look for A Villa Near Tegalalang Rice Field
Image credit: Instagram @makyandmatt

When you visit Ubud, you can learn about the local culture and history while also taking in the area’s stunning natural features. There are not many locations in the world like the Tegallalang Rice Terraces. It’s much more beautiful during dawn and sunset, but if you’re going it alone, get to Tegallalang as early as possible (6AM) to avoid the throng. On top, you may leave your scooter in a convenient location.

The area is a photographer’s and drone pilot’s dream, with rice fields that spread for kilometers and terraces perched high above the landscape. If you feel hungry or thirsty while exploring the rice paddies, there are a slew of cafés and warungs along the main road that provide food for a million dollar views. Get the best of Ubud by looking for villas that are located near the Tegalalang. You will definitely love to stay in a villa Ubud where you can wake up to amazing view right from the doorstep!

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Make A Trip to Mount Agung from Your Villa Ubud

Some people want the beaches, some want the mountains. While sunrise from mount Agung is definitely one of Bali’s highlight, the mountain is too far from most tourist towns—that usually clustered in the beaches. Ubud is the only tourist hub equal with the beach towns (Canggu, Seminyak, Sanur, and the likes) that is near enough with the mountains. Staying in Ubud villas is just ideal if you plan to hike Mount Agung and still have the comfort of nice tourist town. 

Climb Bali’s second-tallest volcano, Mount Batur, for a sunrise vista of Mount Abang, Mount Agung, Mount Rinjani, and Lake Batur. For this, you might want to book a guided tour with arranged driver. Prepare ahead of time by going to bed early. Wake up at 1:30 am to meet your driver and begin the two-hour trek up Mount Batur. Bring a light jacket and sturdy hiking shoes because it gets chilly on the way up. The hike is intermediate—a bit challenging but not so difficult. And when you get to the top, immerse on the breathtaking scenery!

Why Travelling Is Possible For Seniors

A saying that goes you are never too old or too young to see the world is true. While it is recommended that you travel while you are young, you don’t have to limit yourself even if you are no longer young anymore. Venturing out into the world is what can also keep you young. Today, travel is not as challenging as it was. Transportation and accommodation are now available almost everywhere regardless of what kind of trip you choose.

You have the flexibility to plan your own trip

It is understandable that there are certain challenges that comes with age especially with your physical abilities to move around more freely. Also, some seniors may have to depend on medication on daily basis hence travel is often viewed as more of a hassle. However, it is possible for seniors to plan the kind of trip that is fitting for them with the right preparation. 

Many senior travelers even say that travelling after they are retired or semi-retired and their kids are grown makes the trip planning so much easier. There is no time limit of when you can go travelling when you are retired or semi-retired seniors. You can extend your travel plan into days, weeks, to months. 

Safety is important but don’t let it discourage you to travel

Many seniors are hesitant to travel due to safety reason. However, let’s be honest safety doesn’t really live at home or anywhere. There are many wonderful things to explore around the world. Dangers are there but that doesn’t mean you will automatically meet one. What you might be concerned is actually familiarity because when travel you visit new or unknown place. Travel is one of the most empowering adventure that can help boost your confidence. The more you travel, the the more likely to overcome your fear.

You can take precaution for your medical issue

It is a must to maintain your health wherever you go. Many seniors think it will be too complicated to take care of their medication while travelling. However, you can still go travelling with more preparation as well as travel and health insurance. Always keep in mind to go visit your doctor first prior the trip to ensure your health condition. Pack your necessities of medication such as your prescription, doctor statement, extra supply for your medications in case your return gets delayed, etc.

Getting started

The hardest part is to get started and it is the same with senior travels. It is okay if you don’t like travelling too far from your home, you can just explore your city on weekend. Or, you can also join a group tour with your fellow seniors. You will gain your confidence as you go and maybe one day you will be in high spirit to start travelling overseas. You can take small steps by taking one group tour or two. You see how it goes and gain confidence to start venturing further. 


When it comes to packing for a cruise, the essentials are quite many because you need to pack for the basically three distinct sub-trips. They are for the cruise ship, the ports of call, and your flight to and from your departure port. You need to prepare your packing list diligently to ensure you are not missing something important. 

Essentials for a cruise 

For the toiletries, you can bring the essentials you always pack for a trip abroad such as toothbrush, toothpaste, sunscreens, moisturizers, contact lenses, deodorant, shampoo, first-aid kit, insect repellent, etc. Also, don’t forget to pack seasickness remedy. As for clothing and accessory, focus on something comfortable to wear such as skirts, sweatshirts, coats, dress shirts, etc. If you plan to attend formal event, pack a formal wear. Also, bring your swimsuits just in case you want to soak in. 

Essentials for a cruise

Miscellaneous items for a cruise

To make your cruise experience more smooth and memorable, you need to pack something appropriate for the occasion. For example, pack your own plug adapter just in case you need it. Also, bring a waterproof phone case, snorkel gear, binocular, flashlight, medications, microfiber towel, and copies of documents required for a cruise. 

Items that should be in your carry-on

When you have a cruise, you put all your essential for the trip in your carry-on bag. Make sure to put the right things inside. The items you will most likely need include change of clothes, chargers, snacks, wallets with all your valuable documents and money, headphones, water bottle, camera, eye mask, lip balm, moisturizer, sunscreen, house keys, glasses, travel blanket, itinerary, and other things you are going to essentially need. Keep in mind that what you have in your carry bag should be enough to last you on your first day on board. It is because you may have not access to your cabin for  a few hours after boarding. So your luggage may show up anytime throughout the afternoon and evening. 

What you need to pack for a cruise at sea

Most today’s cruise doesn’t always require you to dress in formal wear. Cruise is no longer as dressy at it was. Hence, you can wear something casual. You can just enjoy the cruise on your own if you want. But if you want to attend a formal event, you can prepare your formal wear your way. If you are worried about having the meal in formal environment, there is always buffet options for meals you can choose. 

What to pack for when you are in port

Dress based on the climate in your cruise destination is always a safe bet. Hence, pack necessary items you think you are going to need to stay comfortable. You also need to pack a  pair of walking shoes since you will be walking around during the shore excursions. The general rule is to pack appropriately for any off-shore excursions. Check the weather forecast before packing for your cruise to ensure you pack the right essentials.